Everything You Should Know About Virtual Consults at Busciglio Smiles Plant City

Amazing advancements in technology have made life for all of us so much easier. That convenience and exceptional care not only comes through new techniques, methodology, and equipment, but through virtual communication advancements that now allow for convenient, easy virtual consults for our patients here at Busciglio Smiles in Plant City.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Consults?

Virtual consults have many benefits for our patients and staff here at Busciglio Smiles. Specifically, because of the ongoing concerns over COVID-19, we have found that virtual consults are especially helpful in keeping everyone safe. As the technology, knowledge, and abilities have improved during the last 18 months, we’ve also found that virtual consults can help you save time and energy throughout the year.

  • – Every other Invisalign® appointment can now be scheduled as a virtual appointment
  • –  Virtual consults save time and logistical concerns when you have a busy schedule or have last-minute changes to your schedule
  • – We can answer your emergency questions without necessarily having to meet in person
  • – If you have difficulty getting away from work, virtual consults can effectively help treatments still move forward

How to Access Our Virtual Consults

The easiest and fastest way to receive expert advice for your smile is through virtual consults. You may access your appointments by downloading and logging into the mobile app on your device. Send your number in the form above and we’ll send you the quick link for your virtual appointment. Then, just log into the virtual waiting room a few minutes early, and your appointment will begin shortly.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Busciglio Smiles staff is very helpful and very sweet. They're very accommodating with scheduling. I would definitely recommend them.”
Dana M.

Call Busciglio Smiles at our Plant City location at (813) 733-7233 to schedule your virtual consultation!

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