Pediatric Special Needs Dentist in Plant City, Florida

Many children need extra care and support when visiting the dentist, and your special needs child may be one of them. At Busciglio Smiles, all of our staff has been trained to work with special needs children and those with developmental disabilities.

For highly sensitive children, new sights, noises, and smells can be scary or disconcerting. Strange adults may also be intimidating. Our team at Busciglio Smiles has a knack for helping these sensitive children relax and feel safe and comfortable, so our dentist office can feel like another home for them.

Highly Trained Pediatric Special Needs Dentist

Working effectively with special needs children takes not only advanced training, but a compassionate heart, a patient demeanor, and a talent for helping children feel safe and secure. Our entire team at Busciglio Smiles has this training and capacity.

We love children, and we love what we do. Providing the best in dental care to special needs children isn’t just a job for us, it is a calling. We always strive to create positive, caring relationships with our special needs patients so they feel good when they come to see us. We also look forward to seeing them and love to see their happy smiles after a successful treatment!

Calm, Serene Dental Environment for Pediatric Special Needs in Plant City, Florida

What We Do to Keep Your Child Happy and Calm at the Dentist

We want your child to feel safe and secure every time they visit us at Busciglio Smiles. Here are some of the ways we make our dental office a serene place for special needs children:

No-Rush Dental Appointments

At Busciglio Smiles, we make sure each special needs child has ample time for their appointment. A rushed appointment could stress out a child unnecessarily. Thus, we provide ample space for each dental appointment, so your child isn’t put under pressure while at our pediatric dental office in Plant City. This includes allowing time for your child to take a break if they need to.

Trigger Reduction

Many special needs children are triggered or overstimulated by certain types of lights, abrupt or loud sounds, and even smells. We have many procedures in place to mitigate these triggers as well as offer helping aids such as sunglasses and earphones. Please let us know if your child has any special triggers prior to their appointment so we can prepare a safe and inviting space for them.

Serene Dental Environment

Special needs kids typically do not do well in chaotic environments. At Busciglio Smiles, we have instituted a number of procedures and workflows that enable our staff to get their jobs done without stress or panic. Our entire office is designed from the ground up to create a calming environment to make our child patients feel relaxed, secure, and happy.

Specialized Dental Home Care Tips for Special Needs Children

As you know, basic tasks like home dental hygiene can sometimes be a struggle for special needs children. This is why we make it part of our mission to help you and your child create reasonable oral health routines that fit your child’s unique circumstances.

Two of the ways we do this are through patient education and the use of the right tools. Having the information you need, along with the tools that can help your child, can make all the difference. Armed with this help and support, your child can be set up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Children’s teeth need to be brushed at least twice per day and flossed once daily in order to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. For special needs kids, there are special procedures that can be utilized to make this much easier. We may also recommend special tools, such as:

  •  Toothbrush adaptors
  •  Mouth props
  •  Oral swabs for mouth rinsing
  •  Flossing aides

Comprehensive, Caring Dental Services for Each Unique Child

Busciglio Smiles is the premiere pediatric dental office in the Hillsborough County area. We focus only on helping children with their oral health here, and we do not take appointments for adults. Our friendly, nurturing dental team loves children and especially likes making our special needs patients feel cared for and safe. It is our mission to deliver the best in comprehensive dental care to children.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Busciglio Smiles staff is very helpful and very sweet. They're very accommodating with scheduling. I would definitely recommend them.”
Dana M.

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