Kids Emergency Dental Care in Plant City, Florida

Pediatric dental emergencies are common in children because they are so active and prone to mishaps. Fortunately, most dental emergencies are easily treated. Busciglio Smiles is here for you and your family should any of your children have a dental emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, dental infection, or other problem.

Pediatric Emergency Phone Triage

If your child has a dental emergency, call us right away so we can triage the situation. We are often able to assess over the phone whether the child needs to see us immediately or if it can be resolved at home. For any serious dental emergency, such as a broken jaw, high fever, or excessive bleeding call 9-1-1.

Emergency Dental Care for Kids in Florida

Pediatric Emergency Dental Care When You Need Us

Our dedicated dental team is here for you and your child. Don’t hesitate to call us if you think your child might be experiencing a dental emergency. Here are some common dental emergencies:


If your child is experiencing a toothache, first, gently clean and floss the tooth. Check the area with a flashlight to see if you can find any food or object stuck in the gum tissue. Do not attempt to remove a stuck object yourself but call us and we will schedule an appointment to remove it professionally. There may also be other reasons for a toothache, such as an infection.

Dental Infection or Abscess

Toothaches can also be caused by an infection or abscess. Signs can include swollen gums, sensitivity, bleeding, bumps on the gums, and a high temperature. Call us immediately if you see any signs of infection, which can worsen and risk your child’s health.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

If a baby tooth is knocked out, it doesn’t need to be saved as it would have fallen out eventually anyway. However, we may want to put a space maintainer in to make sure the other teeth don’t shift. If the child is bleeding profusely after the tooth is knocked out, please call us right away.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

A permanent tooth can and should be saved if it is knocked out, but time is of the essence. You will either need to see us or go to an emergency room within an hour of the tooth being knocked out. To save the tooth, hold it by the top (not the root) and rinse it with warm water. Don’t use any soap, and try to insert it back into the socket if possible. Otherwise, bring the tooth in a container of milk.

Soft Tissue Trauma

Sometimes the soft tissue of the mouth can be hurt by simple actions of biting a lip or inside of the teeth accidentally. Soft tissue can also be burned with hot food. Both situations (as long as they aren’t serious) are often handled with saltwater rinses and sometimes a cold compress. Call us to get directions.

Chipped Teeth or Fractures

Chipped teeth can happen for a number of reasons, from accidentally biting down on a fork to rough horseplay. Additionally, teeth can chip if the bite isn’t aligned properly. A minor chip in a tooth may not be an emergency that needs immediate attention, but a tooth fracture does need immediate treatment. Contact us to discuss your child’s situation. Either way, we will want to evaluate the chip or fractured tooth to see if it needs repair.

Possible Broken Jaw

If you think your child’s jaw may have been broken in an accident or injury, please take them to the nearest emergency room. This is a serious injury. Make sure you stabilize the jaw on the way to the ER and try to keep the child from talking or moving the jaw.

Tips on Preventing Dental Emergencies

Not all dental emergencies can be prevented, but some can, and many can be lessened. Proper dental hygiene can make a huge difference. Dental infections can be caused by gum disease or tooth decay, which can be dramatically reduced by twice daily brushing and flossing. Having your child visit us at Busciglio Smiles Plant City for regular dental cleanings can also make a huge difference.

A dental sports guard is crucial for kids who play sports. Without one, your child is much more likely to experience problems such as a knocked out or chipped tooth. Please contact us about fitting a dental sports guard.

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