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Orthodontic technology is constantly changing – and we’re happy about that! Researchers, doctors, scientists, and developers are constantly looking for ways to improve the way practitioners provide treatment. The more they learn about new ways to treat patients, the better able we are to serve you.

Dental Technology Used in Our Plant City Orthodontic Practice

Dr. Busciglio and his team are committed to finding the best orthodontic technology and keeping our practice not only up-to-date but on the cutting edge of modern orthodontics. Here are just a few of the latest technological devices we’re proud to put to good use in our office.

CBCT Scanner

This 3D cone beam computed tomography imaging technology that allows Dr. Busciglio to evaluate your:


Bone structure

Nerve pathways

Soft tissues

The machine rotates around your head and in less than a minute we have a 3D image. This technology can be used for:

Accurately placing dental implants

Identifying facial fractures

Checking for bone loss

Checking for temporomandibular joint irregularities

iTero Scanner

Study models are an important part of your orthodontic journey. They show us where you started, how you’re progressing, and what adjustments we need to make along the way.

Getting the study models was not always an easy task, though, as it required taking impressions of the patient’s teeth. We would fill plastic or metal trays with goopy impression material, then place it over the patient’s teeth. It would take at least two minutes to set (and that’s for the fastest setting material).

During that time, patients often experienced discomfort and gagging. Sometimes, we’d have to go through the process repeatedly to get an accurate impression.

Thankfully, the latest technology has eliminated the need for this process.

The iTero Scanner is an optical tool that digitally captures the teeth and gums using a small, hand-held wand. The laser is radiation-free, and the process takes about two to three minutes. The scanner uses digital software which produces a 3D model of your teeth on the computer screen.

VPro+ High-Frequency Vibration Device

This device is the only FDA-cleared high-frequency vibration product on the market that is actually proven to accelerate tooth movement. With this device, we can:

Significantly reduce treatment time (by nearly 65%)

Reduce discomfort during treatment

Increase the predictability of your treatment outcome

Improve bone levels/health at the retention stage of your treatment

It’s amazing how much can be achieved from this easy-to-use device that takes a commitment of just five minutes a day.

We Will Always Invest in Education and Technology

To utilize the latest orthodontic technology in Plant City, we not only make an investment to purchase the devices, but we also invest in education. Continuing education teaches us how to use the devices, as well as why they’re helpful and should be used for all patients.

We believe these investments are worth every penny because they allow us to provide you with optimal orthodontic care. Our main goal is to provide you with exceptional care so that you not only walk away from your orthodontic experience with a beautiful smile but one that feels great, functions well and helps you live a happier, healthier, pain-free life.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Busciglio Smiles staff is very helpful and very sweet. They're very accommodating with scheduling. I would definitely recommend them.”
Dana M.

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