Your Child’s First Pediatric Visit in Plant City, Florida

The first dental visit of any child is crucial because it establishes the tone for how the child will perceive dentists going forward. A negative experience at the dentist can traumatize a child and make it difficult for them in future visits. This is why Busciglio Smiles is so careful to create a welcoming, safe home for your child at our pediatric dental offices in Hillsborough County, Florida.

When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

When should you first bring your baby in to see the dentist? Starting around 6 months of age. According to the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, children should be seen by a dentist by age 1, no longer than 6 months after the first baby tooth erupts.

Age 7 is the recommended age to first be evaluated by an orthodontist for tooth and jaw alignment issues, and at Busciglio Smiles Plant City we offer a complimentary initial orthodontics appointment when your child turns 7.

A Safe and Welcoming Dental Home for Your Child in Hillsborough County, Florida

Why Creating a Dental Home Is So Important for Your Child

For young people, which health professional are they most likely to see on a regular basis? If they are in good health, it’s likely to be their dentist. Everyone needs to visit their dentist at least twice per year for regular dental checkups and cleanings. For children, that frequency might be increased to every few weeks once braces are needed.

For these reasons, we want your child to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible when visiting us at Busciglio Smiles in Plant City. The first visits to the dentist in particular can impact how a child perceives the dentist for years to come. This is why we prioritize creating a cozy dental “home” for your child.

A Comfortable, Welcoming Dental Environment for Your Child

We are experts in helping children feel safe and secure in our non-threatening environment. Kids (like animals) can often sense when people feel tense around them, which is why Dr. Busciglio has handpicked every member of his dental staff to ensure they are comfortable and good with kids.

Reducing or Eliminating Childhood Dental Anxiety

Has your child had a bad experience at another dentist? We can help them overcome their fear and feel safe at the dentist. We also specialize in working with special needs kids. Some children have triggers such as sudden, loud sounds or dental equipment. We always help ease children’s minds and offer sedation dentistry when necessary. We never rush children and give them the breathing room to adjust. Our caring dental hygienists excel at explaining what’s going on to kids so they can relax and feel safe.

What Happens at Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Plant City?

The first dental visit is where we get to know your child and your child gets to know us. Therefore, we leave some extra time so that we can make a proper “first impression” so to speak.

Pediatric Dental Examination for Babies

For babies, a “lap exam” is conducted. This is where you hold your child safely in your lap while our dentist will gently examine your baby’s teeth.

Pediatric Dental Examination for Children

Once children become toddlers, we work to develop a positive relationship with them to set up a foundation of trust. We do this in part by always explaining carefully what we are doing and why.

Pediatric dental examinations usually include a comprehensive review of the oral cavity, jaw, and surrounding areas, including:

  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Soft tissues
  • Head and neck
  • Jaw and bite

Pediatric Dental Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment

Once your child is comfortable, our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your child’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. We will often also recommend a fluoride treatment, which is a painless process where a safe fluoride gel is applied to the teeth (or set in trays). Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and thus prevents cavities.

Customized Pediatric Dental Treatment Planning

Each child is unique, and we make sure we deliver customized dental treatment plans to best support your child’s oral health. All potential treatments will be discussed with you first before moving forward. Additionally, we get your child’s input when possible – usually when it comes to color options such as the elastics for their new braces or the shade of their retainer.

We Cater to Kids at Busciglio Smiles – Contact Us to Learn More

Because every child is special, our caring orthodontists and pediatric dentists work to make them feel secure and happy. Contact us for more information.

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