Dental Sealants for Kids in Plant City, Florida

Would you like to prevent cavities in your child? There’s an easy way to do this – dental sealants. Dr. Derek Busciglio encourages the use of dental sealants for all his pediatric patients because they are highly effective in reducing cavities. With safe and effective dental sealants, your child can have a foundation for lifelong oral health.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a highly affordable way to prevent tooth decay in kids. A dental sealant is basically a non-toxic “seal” that is placed over a tooth to strengthen the natural enamel, smooth the tooth surface, and reduce the possibility of plaque and bacteria. Because dental sealants can last up to 10 years, they are highly cost-effective.

Why Do Children Need Dental Sealants?

Studies have found that almost all cavities, perhaps 90% or more, develop on the irregular surfaces of teeth. Teeth that have deep grooves in them, such as the molars in the back, can easily collect food and debris. This food and debris is a haven for bacteria and it’s where plaque can form.

Children often have deep grooves in their teeth and because they aren’t as proficient at dental hygiene as adults (in general), they are more likely to have problems keeping these grooves clean.

While grooves in teeth are important for chewing, they don’t need to be so deep that they cause problems. Dental sealants enable us to smooth over these surfaces, so they work optimally for chewing while being less prone to bacteria and plaque buildup.

The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are painless and the process to apply them is completely non-invasive. They are non-toxic and won’t negatively impact your child’s health. And the best news is that they are highly effective, protecting against 80% of cavities in the first two years and 50% of cavities in the initial four years. While they do reduce in efficacy over time, dental sealants can prevent many cavities over their lifespan.

Of course, proper dental hygiene is also very important in preventing cavities and getting the most out of the dental sealants. Having dental sealants makes dental hygiene easier.

Dental sealants are also easy to repair and replace. Almost all children are good candidates for dental sealants, which can be used for baby teeth as well as adult permanent teeth (although typically we use them for adult teeth more than baby teeth).

Pediatric Dental Sealant Appointments in Florida

When you bring your child into Busciglio Smiles in Plant City for their dental sealant appointment, you can rest assured your child is in good hands. Our pediatric dental office is devoted to working with children. We have extensive experience applying dental sealants to our pediatric patients, and the process is painless, quick, and easy.

Dental sealant appointments typically involve the following procedures:

Tooth preparation:

The tooth or teeth that need a dental sealant first need to be prepared. This preparation phase includes thoroughly cleaning the tooth surfaces to remove existing plaque and bacteria. This is critical, as we do not want to trap bacteria underneath the sealant.

Surface etching:

The tooth surface will also be etched (roughened) slightly to help the dental sealant to adhere properly to the tooth. Then, the tooth will be dried in preparation for the dental sealant.

Sealant application:

Once the tooth surface is ready, the dental sealant is “painted” on. (The sealant mixture is matched to the natural tooth color.) Then, a special ultraviolet light is pointed to the tooth to “cure” the sealant.

Assessment and adjustment:

Once the dental sealant has hardened, we will check your child’s bite to ensure everything is even. If the sealant needs to be adjusted, we will do that so the bite is near perfect! Then your child is good to go.

Cavity Prevention for Children

Getting cavities is not a given for children. Cavities can be prevented, and dental sealants are an important tool in fighting them. If you are interested in getting dental sealants for your child, contact us today at Busciglio Smiles.

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