Dental Care for Babies in Plant City

If you have just had a baby, congratulations! Raising a new baby can be a little overwhelming, but when it comes to your baby’s dental care, Busciglio Smiles is here for you. We offer pediatric dental care in our Plant City offices that focuses on providing top quality dental care to children and babies.

Why Babies Need to Be Seen by a Pediatric Dentist

Babies need to be seen by a qualified pediatric dentist by age 1 or within 6 months of the first tooth erupting. It’s critical to bring your baby to see us at Busciglio Smiles so we can assess their oral health. Many parents wait until their child is already in grammar school before bringing them to the dentist and a cavity has appeared. This is a shame, as that cavity might have been prevented if the child had been seeing a dentist since they were a baby.

Catch and Prevent Dental Issues

By establishing regular dental visits at our Plant City pediatric dentist offices, you will help your child achieve a lifetime of good oral health. All dental problems are best treated as early as possible. By seeing the dentist regularly, your child will have a much smaller chance of developing problems such as cavities or gum disease.

Additionally, growing children may be susceptible to stresses, hormonal changes, and other factors. And, as their teeth start growing in, we need to monitor them to make sure they have enough room to erupt and can come in as straight as possible. Regular dental checkups at Busciglio Smiles will help us identify and resolve any dental issues early.

Establish Good Dental Habits Early

When you start bringing your baby to a pediatric dentist, the child gets used to the routine of visiting the dentist twice per year. This helps them ingrain the concept of preventative dental medicine. Children then learn the importance of regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. It also gives us an opportunity to teach children how to practice proper dental hygiene at home, once they are old enough.

Additionally, bad habits such as thumb sucking can be caught early on and any potential damage to teeth mitigated.

Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist regularly helps kids to get over their fear of the dentist. Our friendly staff excels at making children feel safe and at ease. By regularly seeing us as Busciglio Smiles, your new baby will be building a good association with dentists that will help them throughout life.

Dental Examinations for Babies

When a baby is first brought to the dentist office, the easiest and most effective way to examine them is through a lap exam. A lap exam is where the baby will be held by one parent in their lap. By doing this, the child is much more likely to feel relaxed and safe. Then our dentist will sit across from you. First, we will connect with the child until it feels comfortable. When ready, you will lay the child back into the doctor’s lap so he can examine the baby’s teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Lap exams are a wonderful way to help the child get used to being examined by the dentist.

Teeth Cleaning for Babies in Plant City, Florida

When does a baby first need to have their teeth brushed? As soon as their first tooth starts to erupt. Until your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, you will need to brush their teeth for them. Until 3 years of age, your baby should only get a small amount of toothpaste; approximately the size of a grain of rice should be placed on the toothbrush.

When your child is ready, we will also professionally clean their teeth to remove any plaque and tartar buildup.

Caring Pediatric Dentist Helping Babies in Hillsborough County

If you are looking for a qualified pediatric dentist serving Plant City, Plant City, Lakeland, and surrounding areas, look no further. Busciglio Smiles is 100% dedicated to helping children and babies to establish a lifetime of good oral health. We love working with children and helping them achieve beautiful, long-lasting smiles.

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